Linux Text Editors

Apart from vi, emacs and ee which come preinstalled with most Unix distributions, these are some of the other most popular editors for Linux and other Unix-like systems. Also check the cross platform editors page for more editors that run on Linux.

mcedit is a full featured terminal text editor for Unix-like systems. Mcedit is a link to mc, the Midnight Commander, forcing it to immediately start its internal editor. The editor is a terminal version of the cooledit standalone X Window editor.
[OS: Linux] [Price: Free]
NEdit is a multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System, which combines a standard, easy to use, graphical user interface with the thorough functionality and stability required by users who edit text eight hours a day. It provides intensive support for development in a wide variety of languages, text processors, and other tools, but at the same time can be used productively by just about anyone who needs to edit text. NEdit, which is entirely a volunteer effort, benefits from a strong developer and user community.
[OS: Unix] [Price: Free]
Joe Editor
Joe is a Wordstar like text editor. It is an ASCII text screen editor for UNIX and it makes full use of the power and versatility of UNIX. JOE has the feel of most IBM PC text editors: The key-sequences are reminiscent of WordStar and Turbo-C. JOE has all of the features a UNIX user should expect: full use of termcap/terminfo, excellent screen update optimizations, and all of the UNIX-integration features of VI.
[OS: Unix] [Price: Free]